Care for The Children's Garden


Terms and Conditions for Admission into Jacob Ballas Children's Garden



Free Admission.
Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is designed for children aged 14 and below.  
Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult.
To promote a safe environment for children, adults are permitted entry only if accompanying a child. Adult visitors without children must consult the Service Desk for entry, which is normally permitted only when accompanied by NParks’ staff.

Operating Hours

0800hrs to 1900hrs daily (Closed on Mondays**)
Last admission at 1830hrs
**Except when it falls on a designated public holiday

Plants and Facilities

Please care for the plants, turf, furniture and facilities. If you spot faulty equipment, do let us know and refrain from using it.

Safety and Hygiene

Cycling, rollerblading, skate-scootering, motorised devices, Frisbees and ball games are not permitted.
Appropriate footwear, swimwear (including swimming diapers for young children) are recommended.
Do take care in wet zones and note that some surfaces can become hot on sunny days.


With the exception of guide dogs, no pets are allowed.
The National Parks Board:
•       reserves the right to close the Garden in the event of inclement weather and/or overcrowding.
•       reserves the right to stop any inappropriate activity.
•       shall not be responsible for any accident or injury sustained or aggravation of any medical condition or loss of personal properties.
For emergencies, please approach the visitor services counter or contact NPARKS helpline 1800-471 7300.